G.O.C. will carry out the control of complementary actions for ADIF

ADIF and G.O.C. have recently signed the contract for the execution control of the construction project regarding complementary actions in the High Speed Line Madrid-Galicia in the section Taboadela-Ourense. The purpose of this contract is referred to actions necessary for the commissioning of the line that were left undefined once the Construction Project for the implementation of the standard width was drafted.

Some of the activities included in the contract are the demolition and replacement of overpasses, the extension of the platform of the Ourense San Francisco station, the installation of anti-noise screens, the installation of civil protection in tunnels and actions in the viaduct over the Miño river. The conditioning of the areas of auxiliary facilities (ZIAs) and service roads and access to the work has been also planned, as well as the installation of the enclosure throughout the section.

The implementation period is 14 months and the execution budget is 6.24 million euros.


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