G.O.C. will supervise the works of Porta do Sol tunnel in Vigo

The tender for the supervision of the diversion of the traffic and pedestrian transformation of the current city area, has been awarded to the Joint Venture G.O.C., S.A. – CAPITEL ARQUITECTURA INGENIERIA E INNOVACIÓN S.L.

The project is developed in the city centre, in the Policarpo Sanz-Porta do Sol-Elduayen axis, with the objective of freeing the surface of Porta do Sol square from traffic by means of an underground tunnel, thus prioritizing its use by pedestrians and creating an area for recreation and contact between neighbours, free of architectural barriers. The project is located in the heart of the Historic District, which makes it an especially complex work, both due to the condition of a communications hub and the confluence of service networks and the presence of archaeological remains from different stages of the city’s evolution. .

The action involves the creation of 8,000 square meters of pedestrian public space with green areas and street furniture, with unique elements such as a stage-stand, a replica of the Cíes Islands and a tactile model for visually impaired people showing the configuration of the new public space.

The configuration of the pedestrian area is completed with the installation of a mechanical ramp on Carral Street. It aims to facilitate vertical pedestrian mobility and connect the lower part of the city with the existing escalators climbing from Porta do Sol to the Town Hall building.

The projected tunnel consists of two lanes of 3.50 meters wide each, a median strip and 0.5 metre side-walks on both sides. It has a vertical clearance of 4.20 meters, a single entrance on Policarpo Sanz street and two independent outlets for each lane on Elduayen Street, all with slopes near 14%. The tunnel is almost completely performed between micropile walls, which made necessary the demolition of Porta do Sol former parking.

The execution of the new tunnel involves the diversion of several urban services networks such as gas, electricity, telecommunications, sanitation and water supply in Elduayen street and Porta do Sol. Policarpo Sanz public parking will be partially affected to construct the tunnel access located on that street.

In addition to the above conditions, it will be necessary to schedule several traffic detours during the course of the works that will mainly affect the urban bus lines that operate in Porta do Sol as well as the rearrangement of traffic for resident and cargo vehicles in the new pedestrian area, the relocation of taxi stands, parking for motorcycles and bicycles.

The planned works have an execution period of 18 months and total investment amounts to € 16,996,554.23.

The supervision will be carried out by the same work team that were in charge for the design of the square transformation.



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