Soil characterization is fundamental for the project to be carried out; that is why, geotechnical advice is essential for the correct design, execution and exploitation of the project. G.O.C. offers its experience for all kinds of services, projects, reports, advice and technical assistance in matters of geology and geotechnics, both for building and for civil works.

For this purpose, we have a team of professionals, engineers and geologists, highly qualified and with a great expertise, acquired throughout the last 20 years in important works developed nationally and internationally. We also have field teams, and the most advanced tools and computer software, as well as a large number of collaborators that complement and ensure the quality of the work done.

We consider our work tools fundamental to achieve a quality result. Therefore, G.O.C. has specialized software continuously updated, as well as our own survey machinery to guarantee the service in tight deadlines.

Some of the programs calculation are:

DIPS y STEREONET: Programs of calculation of stereographic projection.

UNWEDGE: Program of calculation of stability of slopes in rock and interior of excavations (tunnels).

SWEDGE: Program of calculation of stability of slopes in rock.

SLOPE/W, SLIDE, PCSTABL: Programs of calculation of stability of slopes in soils, calculation of foundations and calculation of anchoring.

SIGMA/W: software of finite elements that it is possible to use to realize analysis of the tension and of the distortion of the structures of the ground.

PLAXIS y PLAXIS 3D Tunnel: programs of finite elements that there simulate most of the natural processes found in the geotécnica engineering including stability, the consolidation, the excavation and the underground flow.


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