Inditex Logistics Centre in Lelystad close to completion

The works for quality control and technical assistance that G.O.C. has carried out in the distribution centre that Inditex group has developed in the Dutch region of Flevoland, reach its final phase in the first weeks of 2020.

Inditex started the construction of this new hub in August 2017, aiming to extend its network of logistics centres already in operation in Spain. The facilities are located in the Lelystad Airport Businesspark, on a plot of 35 hectares. In addition to the main building, intended for storage and distribution, the complex includes technical buildings, two Data Processing Centres, storage silos with automatic operation and a staff dining room. This logistics centre has been built under the premises of the LEED certification, G.O.C. collaborating for this purpose during the construction phase.

The warehouse building is a rectangular space 303 meters wide, 410 meters long and with a maximum height of 15 meters. These dimensions allow three levels of platforms, which will serve as support for various types of equipment and storage.

The silos are buildings whose function is to store the merchandise optimizing the space, using the entire height of the construction up to the roof. They operate automatically, sending or receiving the items through connection gates. For the Lelystad distribution centre, three hanging clothes silos have been developed, of which one is in operation and a second in execution, with dimensions of 92×172 metres. Additionally, there are three other packaging silos, of which one is in operation, with a size of 76×116 metres. The six silos reach a height of 30 metres and are connected to the main building by walkways.


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