Infrastructures are one of the pillars of the development worldwide, therefore G.O.C. is committed to putting its knowledge at the service of public administrations around the world with the aim of improving transport networks, always following criteria of sustainability that take into account social and environmental issues.

In the field of roads, we have participated in the construction of new highways and in the improvement of existing ones in Europe and South America, developing complex structures to cross the most varied geographical accidents: jungles, rivers, mountains, etc.

In the railway sector, G.O.C. has also designed and supervised tunnels and viaducts to significantly reduce travel times, making possible the development of high-speed lines that have been replacing the conventional ones.

Long-distance transport has been another development area of the company, participating in the construction of airports. In addition to the unique architecture and technological complexity that characterizes this type of infrastructure, G.O.C. has in mind the need for them to work accurately and efficiently.

In a field of activity that requires large volumes of investment, the extensive experience of G.O.C. is a guarantee of the confidence shown by public administrations when it is necessary to carry out an infrastructure construction project.


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