New courthouse inaugurated in Pontevedra

Xunta de Galicia has launched the new judicial building of Pontevedra in A Parda, in which G.O.C. has carried out comprehensive technical assistance for quality control during the execution of the works.

It is a 23,500 square meters construction with 6 floors above ground: 2 floors (ground and first) where the courtrooms are located and the following 4 floors for courts, having 7 on each floor and a total of 28 in the whole building. In addition, it has two basement floors, where private parking for building workers and building archives are housed, as well as the equipment rooms. The building has a ring configuration and it is developed around a central courtyard. The outer ring is arranged for private circulation, the intermediate for services and the interior for public circulation.

The works were carried out in a period of 27 months, with an investment of 21 million euros.


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