New motorway opens in O Morrazo

The Galician Regional Government (Xunta de Galicia) has opened this week the third section of the new AG-46 motorway, which runs along almost 4 kilometers between the Meira link and the first Cangas link. G.O.C. has supervised the construction of this stretch, which follows the other two that were already in operation between Domaio and Meira to complete an extension of 11 kilometers.

One of the most unique structures in the section inaugurated is the viaduct of A Fraga. It has more than 300 meters in length and 9 spans, eight of them 37 meters long and one with 43 meters. In addition, various actions have been taken to promote the integration of this infrastructure in the natural environment in which it is located, such as the installation of a perimeter closure and wildlife passages.

Although the works in this section had a total term of 24 months, it has been possible to put it in service with almost a month and a half in advance, with an investment of 18 million euros. The total investment in the motorway, which began to be built in October 2015, exceeds 55 million euros.


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