Supervision of Kennedy Western Hospital awarded to G.O.C.

On 31 July 2018, the Health Services Integrated Sub-branch in Bogotá awarded our subsidiary in Colombia, AMAUTA Consultoría e Ingeniería SAS, the contract to carry out the supervision of the designs and works for the reinforcement and expansion of Western Hospital, located in the city of Bogotá D.C. Our engineering team in Bogotá will be in charge of a first phase of the technical assistance for the supervision of the designs, in a set term of 6 months for this task. Subsequently, the works of reinforcement and expansion will last 11 months in an aproximate surface of 24,000 m2....


G.O.C. will supervise the construction of Alcañiz Hospital (Spain)

The Joint Venture NUEVO HOSPITAL DE ALCAÑIZ (OHL and DRAGADOS), has hired G.O.C. to supervise the construction works. The activities to be carried out within the contract are: documentary control and reception of products; supervision and control of work execution; control of the finished work; and technical assistance as a quality control entity. Alcañiz hospital will have 157 hospital beds and will have the areas of oncology, radiodiagnosis, hemodialysis, ICU, extractions and rehabilitation . In addition, it will have 62 outpatient clinics in the central block, six operating theaters and four delivery rooms in the obstetric area. It will...


G.O.C. participates in 200 million euros project for WWTP in Vigo

The new WWTP of Lagares river in Vigo (Spain) was inaugurated on 4 April 2018, becoming the largest hydraulic work in Galicia and one of the largest in Spain. Since its inception, G.O.C. has actively participated in this project, which has a construction value of 208.7 million euro. The new facility includes the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of the water line, as well as a sludge treatment line that reduces the waste generation and contributes to an improvement in the overall energy efficiency. The design of the facility buildings seeks their integration within the environment surrounding the treatment...