New hospital in Lugo

Technical assistance, project control, execution control, geotechnical, topography and material control

Supervision of construction work on a 170,000 square metre hospital in Lugo (Galicia), which is organized into five blocks with specific uses. The new hospital infrastructure has 717 hospital beds, 108 special hospitalization beds, 18 operating rooms and 36 beds in resuscitation rooms. G.O.C. actions include technical assistance; control of design, execution, budgets and metallic structure materials; special studies;...


Control of the works of soundproofing in the high speed line Madrid-Galicia. Section: Olmedo – Zamora

Work control and monitoring

It consists of 27 actions for the construction of acoustic barriers along the route of 91 km, of which, except three, the remaining 24 are concentrated in the last 29 kilometres closer to Zamora, given its urban character. Three types of barriers are defined: Type 1 use porous concrete for the barriers located in embankment. Type 2 are made...


“Reina Sofia” Music School

Technical assistance to the Project Management and Owner, project control, materials, execution and final tests.

The music school was constructed in a building of 5000 m2, with a distribution of 2699 m2 for auditorium and 2301 m2 for music school. The auditorium can accommodate 500 people. Furthermore, the building has soundproofed classrooms and rehearsal rooms for music students, recording studio and other facilities. The project will also include a music library, an archive and...


New Control Tower in Barcelona Airport.

Technical support to the Project Management, Technical Assistance and Health & Safety Coordination

New control tower, with visual access to the three runways and valid for future enlargements. With 62 m height, it is equipped to hold 90 flight operations per hour. The tower is made up of three parts: base building, fuste and superior floors. The base building consists of two concentric rings separated by air shaft, it is developed on...