Enlargement of the terminal building of Gran Canaria Airport – Las Palmas

Technical assistance for the design and work execution

Enlargement of the Gran Canaria Terminal Building to increase the process capacity of passengers. The actions are: – Enlargement of the building northward, to increase the number of conveyor belts for luggage collection on the ground floor, the number of check-in desks on the first floor and office spaces in second and third floors, this one of new creation....


Regajo Dam (La Rioja –Spain)

Technical assistance for work monitoring

The purpose for this project is supply the municipality of Igea with drinking water and improve irrigation systems in Cornago, Igea and Rincón de Olivado municipalities. Thus, the following works are defined: • Dam on Regajo stream and additional works. • Auscultation. • Power transmission line and installation of power and lighting. • Driving from the dam to the...


Prison and Centre for Social Integration in Pamplona (NORTE II)

Work Management, Execution Management, Health and Safety Coordination, Environmental Monitoring and Technical Assistance.

The plot has an area of approximately 25.44 ha and is located in Pamplona, on the named Santa Lucia hill. The prison NORTE II has a capacity of 504 cells in residential modules, 120 in complementary modules and 53 rooms in the Insertion Centre. It is structured into mini-centres as a small town, with Cultural, Health and Sports &...


Supervision of the construction of the road Costa Verde. Section: Callao

Work control and monitoring

Costa Verde is considered as a regional road that connects Chorrillos with the district of La Punta in just 25 minutes. It also fulfils the need to improve a road connecting major points of the city of Callao, to provide security (against natural phenomena) to a large sector of the population and to promote the transformation of one of...