Collado Villalba Hospital

Execution control for structures and building systems; testing of materials; final tests of operation; environmental control and final tests of operation.

The new Hospital of Collado Villalba, integrated into the public health network of the Community of Madrid, is located on a plot of 55,600 m2, provided by the City of Collado Villalba, to serve 110,000 citizens.

Its built area is 47,595 m2, plus 7,545 m2 for facilities and 10,567 for parking.

The hospital has 140 individual rooms, 12 neonatology posts, 12 ICU posts, 85 emergency posts, 44 day hospital posts, medical and surgical , 9 operating rooms, 4 delivery rooms, 87 consultations and cabinets, 15 digital radiology rooms, 1 nuclear medicine room, 14 hemodialysis stations, 2 magnetic resonances and 1 TAC.

It is an innovative complex in terms of architecture with the highest technical equipment, providing the best working conditions for professionals and designed for the patients.

The building is conceived in such a way that a perfect functional relationship between areas is achieved. It also pays special attention to a series of aspects related to the spatial quality of the different areas, such as the search for natural light, flexibility, clarity of circulations, views and integration in the environment.

It has been designed to pursue optimal performance in terms of energy efficiency, above the standards of the technical code, through careful design and control of execution of passive elements, keeping in mind the criterion of optimizing operation costs. As for the construction, it is carried out in a systematized way, through the structural modulation and the preindustrialization of constructive processes.

Client: OHL

Execution value: € 70 million

Execution term: 24 months



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