Collectors and general interceptors of the Miño in Ourense. Section: Puente Nuevo-Balneario

Technical Assistance for Execution Control

The improvement of sanitation in the section Puente Nuevo-Balneario, declared of general interest, consists of the construction of two interceptors collectors: one that starts from Puente Nuevo downstream and another that begins in O Tinteiro upstream.

Both collectors are in the right margin manhole, from where the Miño river has been crossed by an underground jacking of a reinforced concrete pipe of 1,200 mm in diameter and 209 metres in length. The technical complexity of the works has been conditioned by the size of the Miño River, the diameter of the pipe used and the difficulties derived from the geological configuration of the fluvial bed crossed by the driving. Likewise, five storm tanks and a small pumping have been executed in the area of the Fire Station, with a total retention capacity of 1,130 cubic metres.

The key piece in the improvement of sanitation in Ourense is the O Couto pumping well, which will serve more than 95% of the horizon population, estimated at 160,000 people. It has a maximum pumping capacity of 3,680 litres per second and will collect the majority of the flows generated in the city for its subsequent transport to the treatment plant, as well as allowing the retention of flow points during the rain episodes. In the structure of the pumping well of O Couto, the substructure can be differentiated, consisting of a circular well of 25 metres inside diameter to which the interceptors’ entry chamber is attached; the storm tank, rectangular plant enclosure with a retention capacity of 3,395 cubic metres, and the superstructure of the station, which houses the set of facilities described, as well as electrical equipment.

Client: Ministry of Environment.

Execution value: € 23 million

Execution term: 49 months



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