Expansion and modernization of WWTP of Lagares (Vigo)

Work control and monitoring

The Lagares WWTP is part of the Sanitation improvement project in the city of Vigo, whose goal is achieving a treatment capacity for 800,000 inhabitants-equivalents. The new facility includes the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of the water line, as well as a sludge treatment line that reduces the volume of waste generated and contributes to an improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the facility.

The effluent from the WWTP of Lagares is taken to a loading chamber, located in its enclosure, from where the emissary departs. The ground section of the outfall, with 760 meters, as well as the first subsea section, of 620 meters, are constructed by means of a driven tunnel, with reinforced concrete tubes of 1,800 mm inside diameter. After the section in jacking, the submarine outfall is formed by a high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), of 2,000 mm outside diameter, ending in a diffuser section formed by 31 diffuser heads, with two effluent outlets each. The submarine driving section and the anchored drive add up to a total of 3,040 meters, of which 330 correspond to the diffuser section, which is poured 30 meters deep.

The following services related with this project were performed by G.O.C. :

-Analysis of the bids and review of constructive design

Implementation of project management procedures

-Technical assistance in the control and supervisión of:

  • expansion and construction works
  • submarine outfall
  • electromechanical equipment


Client: ACUAES

Execution value: € 200 million

Execution term: 62 months




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