New Control Tower in Barcelona Airport.

Technical support to the Project Management, Technical Assistance and Health & Safety Coordination

New control tower, with visual access to the three runways and valid for future enlargements. With 62 m height, it is equipped to hold 90 flight operations per hour. The tower is made up of three parts: base building, fuste and superior floors.

The base building consists of two concentric rings separated by air shaft, it is developed on three levels: basement (572 m2) where are the engine room, fire protection pumps and tank. Ground floor (1,495 m2), with the main entrance, which is reached through a porticada area of the outer ring, where 83 parking spaces are developed.

The entrance hall of double height connects with the shaft, which communicates with the first floor and the superior floors (2886 m2). Next to the entrance hall they are located the cafeteria, security, training rooms and facilities area.

The shaft one is made up of two structural systems. Externally, there is a concrete mesh formed from post-tensioned concrete columns as a hyperbolic surface that supports the upper floors and central nucleus made of aluminium structural profiles containing emergency stairs and holes for two panoramic lifts.

The superior floors are developed in five levels. Highest is the field of antennas located in the roof of the lantern. This, with 222 m2 of constructed area, is octagonal and has a perimeter corridor outside for maintenance. Below the lantern is the technical floor (308 m2), the floor of rest and circular simulation (254 m2) with a diameter of 21.6 m, and conditioned air floor (206 m2). The total built area is 7,800 m2.

Client: AENA

Execution Value: € 18 million

Execution term: 51 months



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