Organic Waste Treatment and Composting Plant, and sealing of the dumping site. Pinto (Madrid)

Execution control for structures and building systems; testing of materials; final tests of operation; environmental control and final tests of operation.

The plant was implemented between the years 2001 to 2003, for organic waste treatment through a manual and mechanical separation process. The organic materials are used for energy generation through biomethane production and, later, composting. Its handling capacity is 140,000 ton/year with a future planned increase of 280,000 ton/year.

With the methane obtained from the organic treatment plus the obtained from the Pinto controlled landfill it will be generated enough energy to supply with power a city of 40,000 inhabitants through the use of eleven engines.

The sealing of the Pinto landfill, with an area for 40 hectares, is performed using polythene sheets and draining layers of water and gases.

Client: GEDESMA.

Execution value: € 60 million

Execution term: 18 months



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