Rehabilitation, reconstruction, prevention and mitigation of risks of the water infrastructure affected by “La Niña” 2010 – 2011.

Supervision and project management

The contract includes the Management of the development of activities that allow the maturation, management and monitoring of projects that seek rehabilitation, reconstruction, prevention and / or mitigation of risks of the infrastructure in the sector of drinking water and basic sanitation affected by the “La Niña” phenomenon 2010-2011.

The project includes the construction of sanitary and pluvial sewage systems, collection systems and water collection through box-coulvert. Among the main activities of the scope of the project are the evaluation and validation of the affectation by the 2010-2011 Niña Phenomenon of the supply and sewer systems of the departments of Boyacá, Santander and Meta, and the technical evaluation of the projects, regarding legal, environmental, property and risk management aspects, as well as issuing the concept for the approval of such designs, according to the regulations and under the guidelines of Fondo de Adaptación.

Client: Fondo de Adaptación.

Execution value: € 23 million

Execution term: 39 months



Ourense Hospital

WWTP Lagares

Saudi Arabia Stations

Costa da Morte Highway

Madrid Air Terminal