Repair of runway heads. Alicante airport

Technical assistance for work monitoring

The repair of runways consists of the demolition of 590m of concrete slabs at the 28 runway head and 290m at the 10 runway head, replacing them by flexible pavement. Once executed, the horizontal signaling and beaconing is restored without affecting the airport operation. Asphalt surface: 40,000 m2 in flexible pavement.

The services provided by G.O.C. include analysis of the construction project, material control, control and technical execution assistance, quantitative and economic control of the work, support for the drafting of modified designs, studies and technical reports, deviation of services affected, demolition of drainage channels and beaconing existing in these areas, paving of the margins to be widened, cleaning and sealing of joints, dismantling of the beaconing affected on the runway, beaconing installations, horizontal signage, environmental monitoring and liquidation of the works.

Client: AENA

Execution value: € 8 million

Execution term: 21 months



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