Residential developments “Imbui Garden” and “Horto Estilo” in Salvador. Brazil

Design of architecture, structures and building systems

“IMBUI GARDEN” and “HORTO ESTILO” are two real estate projects of first or second residence, located in the city of Salvador de Bahia. Salvador is the largest city on the northwest coast of Brazil, capital of the state of Bahia and one of the most important tourist destinations in Brazil.

“IMBUI GARDEN” is a residential complex consisting of a single tower with four floors of basement (garage of vehicles), ground floor (including areas of common use and leisure) and 20 floors of houses (160 apartments), and roof. Approximate surface area: 15,000 m2.

“HORTO ESTILO” is a residential complex consisting of a tower with five floors of basement, ground floor and 15 floors of houses. The plot presents a profile of the terrain with marked unevenness (25 metres between the highest area and the lower part of it), which has meant a great complexity from the technical point of view at the time of solving the foundation of the building. Approximate surface: 15,000 m2.


Execution value: € 18 million

Execution term: 10 months



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