Alternative by-pass San Francisco – Mocoa

Work control and monitoring

The project is located between the municipalities of San Francisco and Mocoa in the Department of Putumayo – Republic of Colombia. 60% of the alternative road is located in the Protected Forest of the upper Mocoa River basin. Therefore, very important environmental considerations were taken in the design of the project. In addition, the territory of the department is part of the Colombian Amazon region; its capital is the city of Mocoa and covers an area of 24,885 km2. The San Francisco – Mocoa alternative road planned has a length of 45.6 km, compared to the current road by which the transit of Mocoa to the city of Pasto is made. That road communicates the two towns by an unpaved road of 78 km on steep terrain with very low specifications.

The topography of the project varies from hilly to steep, with elevations ranging between 500 and 3,800 m.a.s.l. and connects three well-defined areas that make up a wide variety of ecosystems that contain all ranges in temperature.
To execute the project, the construction of 49 bridges is required, 25 of them are located in the Mocoa front and 24 in the San Francisco front. The approximate length of these structures is 2,754 meters. Most of these bridges are located on ravines or streams. However, some of them were designed as structures to save deep ravines (without drains) to avoid sacrificing the road alignments.

Client: Instituto Nacional de Vías – INVÍAS

Execution value: € 170 million

Execution term: 84 months



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