Supervision of the works for the highway in “Costa da Morte”

Work control and monitoring

“Costa da Morte” highway is an extension of the current AG-55, Coruña to Carballo, connecting Carballo and the municipal area of Zas (Baio), also running through the municipalities of Coristanco and Cabana de Bergantiños, with a length of 25, 9 Km. A 2.1 km corridor is contemplated between the Baio Norte junction, the end of the highway, and the Santa Irene Link with the AC-552.

The section consists of eight links: Carballo (with the AG-55) ), Coristanco, A Gualada, Rempenin, Zas, Baio Este, Baio Norte and Santa Irene (with AC-552). In addition, 15 overpasses, 18 underpasses and 39 drainage works were carried out.

Six viaducts totaling 1.5 km are included: Anllóns (2×170.0 m); Rego da Balsa (2×70.0 m); Rego de Gatos (2×247.5 m); Calving (167.5 and 179.0 m); Fornelos (1×40.0 m), Grande I (1×80.0 m).

Client: AUTCOM.

Execution value: € 163 million

Execution term: 60 months




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